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Additional Information on Services

Therapy for Trauma: Persons with a history of trauma may have many problems including anxiety and depression, flashbacks, difficulty trusting, and fear of and/or obsession with the perpetrator. In my experience a multi-modal treatment may be necessary in many cases. I offer insight-oriented and cognitive, behavioral and/or Dialectical Behavior Therapy techniques and EMDR treatment. I can also refer to a qualified prescriber for medication and to group therapy for those who may benefit.

Anger Management: I offer an evaluation to determine the causes of problematic anger. I then can provide treatment for those issues: Causes of problematic anger can include untreated mood disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, alcohol and/or drug abuse, relationship problems and other issues. Problematic anger often disappears when the underlying causes are resolved.

Therapy for Creative Professionals: Having been a writer, I enjoy working with writers and other creative professionals. Therapy sessions may involve looking at career goals or developing a structure to allow for a creative process.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss or Smoking Cessation: This is a 2-3 session treatment.

Online Counseling: Please contact me for more information. This service is available for New York State residents who are unable to attend in-office appointments due to work hours, transportation or childcare issues, or other logistical concerns.

Second Opinions: Sometimes people spend a long time in mental health treatment without seeing results. An assessment from another professional may help determine the cause of the lack of progress. Potential causes can include wrong diagnosis, inappropriate treatment for the diagnosis, or a need for adjunctive treatment(s).

Regulatory Compliance: This service is for mental health clinics and facilities. Please contact me for more information.